About the Building

Technology, Media, Architectural & Entertainment Companies in a Unique, Modern Office Environment

Building Specifications

  • Size & Construction
  • Building Access & Facilities
  • Building Operations

Building Size

7 floors including lower level, Approx. 43,000 RSF per floor

Year Built

1919, 2010: Building renovated, 2015: Lobby renovation

Ceiling Heights

12’4” – 14’ ceilings


Expansive windows of 8’6”x18’6”, Abundant light, Sweeping views of Manhattan

$14 Million Dollar Renovation

Modernized lobby and elevators, Energy efficient windows and light fixtures, New mechanical, electrical, plumbing, life safety systems, Façade improvements


24/7 Building Access and Security


2 passenger elevators, 2 manual-operation freight elevators, 24/7 accessibility to all elevators


All floors have two sets of ADA compliant men’s and women’s bathrooms


Tenants are responsible for providing and maintaining their air conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems. Most tenant spaces are cooled by small capacity, split DX system air conditioners, where the condensers exhaust through wall vents. Tenants can control their own climate and their units are separately sub-metered.


Base building heat through a central oil-fueled steam boiler and associated distribution components. Tenants can turn individual radiators on or off.

Electrical Capacity

3 major switch rooms on site rated, 2,500 amps (2 panels) and 3,000 amps (1 panel), 240/480 volts, Private submeters track individual tenant power usage, Sub-power and lighting panels between 200 and 400 amps, 120/208 volt power receptacles and lighting fixtures

NYC Relocation Incentives

Tenants May Be Eligible for REAP, CEP and ECSP

SMP REAP Program

One-Acre Organic Farm on Rooftop

Brooklyn Grange is the leading rooftop farming & intensive green roofing business in the US.


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