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Where LIC, Astoria & Sunnyside meet, a Proximity to Established Residences & Transportation Hubs

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Located in Long Island City and on the cusp of Astoria’s design district, SMP is brimming with new businesses as pioneering thinkers bring fresh perspectives and possibilities. From the boutique Paper Factory Hotel to the neighborly Dutch Kills Centraal, this area is evolving in exciting ways.

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Six different nearby subway lines provide access to/from Midtown Manhattan in fifteen minutes or less.


Being conveniently located near an evolving artistic and intellectual community has made LIC a natural commercial and residential extension of Midtown Manhattan.


Being located at the convergence of LIC, Astoria, Sunnyside and Brooklyn neighborhoods provides proximity to trendy and established residential communities, as well as commercial hubs and major transportation, including prominent highways and airports.
Forward Thinking


New infrastructure as part of the East Side Access project will serve approximately 162,000 customers a day, providing a faster and easier commute from Long Island City to Manhattan in a new 8-track terminal and concourse below Grand Central Terminal.


Cornell Tech on Roosevelt Island is primed to position New York as a major tech hub — in 2017, the two million SQFT complex will house approx. 2,000 full-time graduate students, focused on computer science, business and entrepreneurism.


LIC is brimming with new hotels, including The Paper Factory Hotel — a converted factory, recently recreated a luxury accommodation located directly across the street from the SMP building. The drivers for this lodging development are similar to the residential boom, including excellent views, cheaper rates and rapid public transit into Manhattan.


COFFEED and Glassful are ground floor, retail storefronts that contribute to the tenant amenities — including a coffee bar, food café, wine shop, rotating art exhibits and seasonal farm stand in the lobby for tenants and employees.

Culture & Entertainment

LIC is a culturally rich, post-industrial neighborhood with new residential development, reinvented historic commercial buildings, and a burgeoning 24/7 community surrounded by museums, art galleries, creative studios, parks, and an expanding array of restaurants and nightlife.


Tenants moving to SMP are eligible for REAP, CEP, and ECSP programs. A 2001 NYC re-zoning initiative, allowing for substantial mixed-use development, spurred a development boom in Long Island City - this has resulted in high quality, low cost alternatives to Manhattan, and a growing 24/7 artistic and intellectual community located just fifteen minutes from Midtown Manhattan.

New Development

The recent $14M renovation of the SMP building has paralleled the positive macroeconomic changes occurring throughout the Long Island City market, benefited from huge public/private investment, resulting in a new live-work-play environment that continues to evolve.
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